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Kristen – 7 Week Transformer

7 Week_Kristen

After having my second baby in May, I was starting to feel really down about my body and wanted help to get on the right track with my diet and physical activity.  This is what motivated me to join the seven week fitness transformation.  For myself, the transformation provided me with an opportunity to really commit to something, while providing the motivation to stick with it.

The first week of the diet was a big transition involving headaches, fatigue and hunger.  However these feelings quickly went away as my body transitioned and ‘accepted’ my new eating habits. The workouts were my favourite part of the program.  I was working out twice a week with a great group of people and had an amazing trainer, Carole Ann.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts that we were provided with, and felt so good about myself every time I completed one.  Unfortunately around week 5 the headaches, migraines, fatigue and light headedness returned.  I was beginning to experience periods of hypoglycaemia, especially in the afternoon and evening.  Due to these issues I had to modify the diet to suit my body needs, and thanks to the help of Carole Ann I feel great again.

I am very glad that I participated in the seven week transformation as it has allowed me to learn better eating habits and appropriate workouts.  My goal with this transformation was to have some fat loss, but it was more important to me to be a healthier, happier me.   I am planning on continuing with personal training and my goal is four workouts a week.  I am looking forward to my new fitness future 🙂



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