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Lyn – 6 Week Transformer

6 week results - poster 2014_Lyn PSD


I am a 47 year old, mother of two girls, aged 9 and 13. I have always been relatively healthy. I watch what I eat and always lead a very active lifestyle. My family enjoys waterskiing, wakeboarding, downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Anything involving adrenaline we enjoy and embrace. My oldest daughter is a competitive soccer player and my youngest is a human form of the energizer bunny. Life is busy and moving incredibly fast.

Well…18 months ago I had a life altering incident. I dissected (tore) my carotid artery which resulted in a stroke. I lost the use of the right side of my body and my ability to see and speak clearly. The physical symptoms did not last very long. In a few weeks I was almost back to normal. I did, however, have to spend the next 18 months doing absolutely NOTHING!!! I was told to take it easy, rest, allow yourself time to heal, blah….blah…blah. Well, I have to tell you, the hardest thing I’ve had to do is NOTHING!!!!!!

While clearing out my inbox, I stumbled across “Body Fit 6 Week Christmas Crunch” It caught my eye. Two days before receiving this email I got an “All Clear” from my doctor. I could get back to some activities I previously enjoyed. I had an extra 10 to 15 pounds of baggage I needed to shed. What better idea than an extreme diet and fitness program right???? It’s like it was meant to be, besides this had to be easier than 18 months of doing NOTHING right? I SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE AND PAID MY DUES!!!!!

CRAP!!!!……What was I thinking!!!!!!

The first sign of trouble was when I they told us NO COFFEE! The second was NO SUGAR OR SALT and the final kick in the proverbial Ass was NO ALCOHOL!!!!!!

CRAP!!!!……What were they thinking!!!!!!

Week 1 done and I`m still alive!!!! WHEW!!! I experienced extreme bitchiness and caffeine withdrawal, I felt like I was going starve to death, every muscle in my body was killing me and I was craving a bag of potato chips and a couch to watch TV from. It was then that I had my EUREKA moment! Couch! Potato chips! Oh my gawd, I was turning into a couch potato!!!

CRAP!!!!……What was I thinking!!!!!!

Week 2 and 3 went by like a flash. I was excited, motivated and determined to make things happen. I no longer craved the coffee and sugar. I was also frustrated because I was not strong, I had no endurance and I had the heart rate of a rabbit. I was sore EVERY day! The best thing of all during these past weeks was the incredible support I received from my coaches and fellow transformers. We were all going through the same process and fighting the same battles.

Weeks 4 and 5 started to get a little better. I was starting to enjoy working out. I went to every class I could. I followed the plan exactly (except for a extra few classes). I was seeing results in the mirror. My heart rate was starting to come down and I felt great! Everyday tasks seemed so much easier. I have lots of energy. My butt hadn`t seen a couch for weeks. Instead a blue foam roller is taking its place. Blue Roller is my new BFF. It is a seat, a massager, a pain reliever, a cellulite redistributer and a cat scratching post all in one.

Week 6 got a little tougher. The workouts got a little more intense. I am getting much stronger. I have more endurance therefore I can push myself harder. I am still sore from my workouts, a good sore. I feel hungry all the time. Being so close to Christmas, I was missing the chocolates and cookies and treats. But what surprised me was I felt better saying no thank you to all the crap. I looked forward to going to the gym. I would drop and do 10 when the opportunity arose just because. I pay more attention to where and what I am eating. Knowledge is power! I now have the power to make healthier choices. Thanks to my trainer, fellow transformers, Body Fit and the 6 WEEK CHRISTMAS CRUNCH, I have lost the extra weight. I can fit into the clothes I was wearing 2 years ago. WOW!!! Now that`s exciting! Too bad they are not in style anymore. I see a SHOPPING SPREE in my future!! My heart rate is lower, and I no longer experience the symptoms related to the stroke and torn artery. I am now spending more time in the kitchen prepping meals and reading labels. I am learning. Learning what it takes to be healthy. Not just for 6 weeks but forever. My life depends on it.


For those of you who dream about it – It will be impossible

For those of you who want it – I will be hard work

For those of you who`s life depends on it – It will be a walk in the park.

I would rather walk in the park than attempt the impossible!

Thanks for the new me!!!


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