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Member Makes BodyFit FAMOUS!

Dear Andy and staff,

I just wanted to let you know that on Sunday July 29, 2012, I participated in my FIRST Triathlon in Orillia, Ontario. It was part of the Subaru TriSeries.  It was definitely a goal for me to complete (Things to do Before I Hit 50), and I trained very hard for it.

My intent was simply just to finish, but I was pleasantly surprised to have placed 3rd in my age group (45+)!!  That was indeed an added bonus!

After the event, a reporter asked to interview me for a local Rogers Channel, and I gave a “shout out” to BodyFit Health Club.  It is certainly a great place to train and the staff and members become almost like a second family. It’s a comfortable environment to be in which is important – as we all know for some people, getting in the door in the first place is the hardest step!  But once they see how easy it is and how helpful everyone is at BodyFit, it makes it even better!

So thanks again for making my training centre such a great environment!

In fact I have just registered for my 2nd Triathlon (the Niagara Triathlon) on August 12, 2012 in Grimsby, Ontario!

Carole Anne Elliott (15+ yrs member)

WAY TO GO CAROLE ANNE!  What a great success story! All of us here at BodyFit are so proud of your accomplishments and success. All the best in Grimsby – and please keep us in the loop with your achievements during that race as well!  We love to hear about our members, and how their time in our facility has helped them outside our health club walls.    If only we could get our hands on a copy of the TV interview!!!    Good luck Carole Anne!


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