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Sandy Has Some Great Advice For YOU!

A knee accident in my early 20’s while skiing decided to make a comeback when I entered my 40’s. It was severely curtailing my swimming, walking and overall flexibility, which was very depressing to me. Thus, with encouragement from my husband, who is a regular at Body Fit Health Club, I started going 3 times a week and found I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I was surprised at the increased flexibility it gave me.

One of the lessons I learned in those 8 years was the the importance of a qualified trainer’s advice. I try to follow my program, but whenever I fall behind or have muscle difficulties, my trainer is always there to help.

Dale has helped me through returning from knee surgery, and even more recently a pulled muscle in my back. His knowledge and expertise got me back onto my program and I am now biking, swimming, and some walking on a weekly basis. I have gained muscle in my upper arms, thighs, and calves which in turn help support my weakened knee. Both Dale and Hollay are very positive and caring trainers that I have dealt with, and it is so  nice when they pass you by in the gym and give you a “How’s it going?” comment.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting started in an exercise program?  My advice when starting at a gym is to check in with a certified trainer that cares and has education and expertise behind them.  Do not try to conquer the mountain in the first week. Try to make it fun by changing it up

Sandy Cadieux,  Age 60,  Receptionist


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