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Together with a Nutritional Plan and Regular Exercise I have now lost a total of 40 pounds and Gaine

“In March of 2008 I needed a change. Years of neglecting my physical health had left me overweight, suffering from high blood pressure and feeling badly about myself. It was time to put the excuses to rest. I decided to join Body Fit Health Club.

During my initial assessment I was so out of shape I lasted only three minutes on the elliptical machine. I was very discouraged. As my blood pressure was extremely high it was necessary for me to seek the approval of my doctor prior to beginning an exercise routine. He agreed weight loss was necessary and assured me that exercise was the right choice.

I began working out on a regular basis. I hired Cheryl, a Personal Trainer, who developed an individual fitness program for me that enabled me to stay on track and reach my goals. Like any change it was a struggle in the beginning. However, with the consistent support and encouragement I received from the friendly staff , I never gave up. My efforts quickly paid off. Within a month I had lost six pounds and my motivation increased.

Together with a nutritional plan I found on the Eiyo Nutrition website and regular exercise I have now lost a total of 40 pounds and gained a whole new outlook on life. I am several dress sizes smaller and love my reflection in the mirror. Even my golf game has improved! I no longer struggle to retrieve the ball from the hole. I am energized and excited about the future.

I love the workouts and the new me I am creating. I have met many great people who have helped me achieve my weight loss goal. My only regret is that I waited until I was 56 to join a gym. If you are thinking about making a change, stop thinking and get moving!”

Lorraine Kelly, 56, Mother of two, Office Manager


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