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“Working out at Body Fit Keeps Me Positive”

Few years ago I was diagnosed with a kidney disease. Due to this medical issue, Andy was gracious enough to freeze my membership for 2 years while I dealt with it. Just last year, I finally got permission to start workouts again from my Specialist.  After an evaluation from Dale, I slowly started to get back into a routine.

With the variety of workout stations and cardio equipment, I was able to get back to where I almost was before I got ill. My blood pressure is lower and my weight is coming back to reality. The main thing is my energy level gets better each week. I’m still on a waiting list for a new kidney, but now my Specialist calls me her “poster boy”.

Working out at Body Fit keeps me positive not only through workouts, it’s the overall atmosphere. The Staff and friends I have made over the years here help motivate me.

… and now there is a second generation of “Adams” training here!


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